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Mother And Son Duo Preparing For Bodybuilding Provincials

With the East Coast Classic I was 18 weeks out, but http://pluginnation.org/?p=8073 now were 16 weeks out for provincials and the grind time is the last 15 weeks. Right after a competition youre almost at your weakest point by the time you get on stage because youre not eating a lot because you want to make sure youre tight for the show and that you arent bloated or holding water. Peter had trainer Santana Anderson help him prepare for their last competition. Annette will also be consulting Anderson for provincials as she didnt have time to get a trainer for her last competition, trusting in her dieting as well as consulting Peter as much as possible to help her train. I want to go after that title at provincials and eventually go to a national level, said Annette. I think my goal is going to obviously I want first, but thats not my realistic goal at my first provincial show I want to finish in the top three, enough to move onto national. Im http://caulacbonail.com/blogs/160131/271027/are-there-any-government-grants not going to take that time off this year for nationals, instead look to do that by the time Im 45. Peter also wants to finish in the top three to qualify for nationals. Even if he does he wont attend, as he wants to next attend Atlantics a week later before taking a year off to work on going up a weight class.
Full story: http://www.ngnews.ca/Sports/2013-12-09/article-3536830/Mother-and-son-duo-preparing-for-bodybuilding-provincials/1

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