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Natural Bodybuilding Alliance To Reconvene In February 2014

Extending the hands of friendship and cooperation for the betterment of natural bodybuilding Readers will recall that the inaugural Summit of the leading natural bodybuilding organizations took place in February 2012 in Dublin, CA, at which time the participants unanimously agreed to unite under a common umbrella the NBA to encourage greater cooperation among the different organizations and unite the natural movement against the tide of [source] performance-enhancing drugs in bodybuilding. More Photos View all http://www.ameriteach-uci.com/page/5/ 11 photos While there are still many differences in policies, procedures, drug testing, and philosophies, all of these leaders and their organizations remain committed to the principle of drug-free competition. This author is confident that continued dialogue among the leaders in the natural movement will help to bridge their differences as they establish stronger personal relationships and work together, however incrementally, for the common good of the sport. Current NBA member organizations include NANBF, OCB, IFPA, FAME, ABA, INBA, PNBA, DFAC, and WNSO. Members of these organizations are urged to encourage their leaders to attend. Suggested by the author
Full story http://www.examiner.com/article/natural-bodybuilding-alliance-to-reconvene-february-2014

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