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Top 5 Shoulder Cable Workouts

Front Raises Front cable raises workout the deltoid that the name implies, which is your anterior (front) deltoid. This is one of the basic cable shoulder workouts that is rather easy exercise to do, and you will have the cable machine in the same setting as with side lateral raises. Stand with your back to the machine, and a step to the side from whichever arm you are going to use. With arms straight pull the cable up and to the front until parallel with the floor, slowly lower back to staring position. Standing Shoulder Press The standing shoulder press workouts is perfect for hitting two muscles Shin Ohtake in one exercise. The deltoids worked are the front and the middle. Take your position to where you are in the middle of both cable pulleys with them both set closest to the ground. Grasp the handles with grip in the palm of your hands, and then press upwards to get into position. Once you are at the pressed stage start by lowering your arms to where they click are parallel with the floor, and then press back up.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/top-5-shoulder-cable-workouts-1

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