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6 Fitness Myths, Busted (and 3 Surprising Facts)

max workouts Bad advice and outdated <a href=visite site research could be putting a kink in your workout efforts. Here are some fitness myths that have proved to be just that.' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Crunches do tone a small portion of your abs, but you may get better results from moves engaging your entire core. Sweating doesn't equate to calories burned. It might be the result of a hot room, the weather or your physiology. Running is safer on your joints than contact sports, but it's not totally harmless. A total-body workout at least twice a week along with regular jogs can build up muscles supporting the knees. Stretching after exercise won't completely reduce soreness or speed muscle tissue repair, but can increase joint flexibility. More and more studies are pointing to the power of short workouts rather than longer ones. Some research even suggests quickie sessions might be better.
Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/21/health/fitness-myths-busted/index.html

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